Imagining Latinidades Today

Darrel, Ariana, and Rene tell their Latina/o/x (superhero) origin stories, talk about the evolution of the Latina/o Studies Program at Iowa, and riff on what Imagining Latinidades means to them.
Darrel, Ariana, and Rene record their first full episode in a real honest-to-goodness studio that doesn’t have terrible acoustics. The episode also has chapters; so you’ll see topics change depending on your podcast app (Overcast shows these well). Topics in this episode include:
  • Rene’s backstory
  • Darrel’s backstory
  • Rene and all having a discussion about “me-search”
  • Ariana’s backstory
  • Latina/o Studies at Iowa
  • The Sawyer Seminar
  • What’s next…

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Show notes:

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  • Our cover art, a photo of an installation titled “E lHielo / I.C.E,” is provided courtesy of the artist, Fidencio Fifield-Perez.
  • Music by Juan Ruiz
  • Our hosting is provided by, which we really love. 
  • Our podcasting app of choice is, which also makes a handy app that streamlines the process of making the chapter markers in this podcast. 

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