Why Latina/o/x Studies? (feat. Lisa Ortiz & Rachel Torres)

Darrel and Ariana talk with Lisa Ortiz (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow) and Rachel Torres (Mellon Dissertation Fellow) about their connections to Latina/o/x Studies and why they think the field is important.
In this second episode of the Imagining Latinidades podcast, two of the three co-hosts (Rene is absent) talk with two of the three Mellon fellows who are involved with the Sawyer Seminar. Topics discussed, which form chapter markers in your podcast listening app, include:
  • Pronouncing “Latinx” and “LatinX”
  • Rachel Torres’s (Latinx superhero) “origin story”
  • Lisa Ortiz’s (Latinx superhero) “origin story”
  • The importance of Latina/o/x Studies for students
  • Lisa’s current research
  • Rachel’s current research 
  • Latina/o/x Studies' connection between research and community
  • What's your message for Latina/o/x students at PWIs?
And don’t forget: our first main event takes place September 19-21. Information on the website at http://imagininglatinidades.com.

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