Roundtable Discussion with Anna Sampaio, Natalia Molina, and Claudia Milian

Rene Rocha sits down in front of a live audience with three esteemed Latina/o/x Studies scholars — Anna Sampaio, Natalia Molina, and Claudia Milian — to talk about how they came to the field, what it offers a host of audiences, and what Latina/o/x students at PWIs should keep in mind as they move through college.
At the conclusion of the final day of the Imagining Latinidades opening conference in Iowa City, Iowa, co-host and co-director of the Sawyer Seminar, Rene Rocha sits down with three of the invited lecturers to discuss their paths in the field. This was recorded in front of a live audience! Questions included:
  • What’s your Latina/o/x Studies origin story?
  • What does Latina/o/x Studies offer your scholarship that disciplinary perspectives/methods might not?
  • What’s the value of Latina/o/x Studies to students and higher ed institutions?
  • What’s the value of Latina/o/x Studies to communities outside of academia?
  • What’s your message to a Latina/o/x listener at a PWI?
Check out the chapter markers if you want to skip to a specific question or answer. 

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